About Slamwich – Boston Deathcore

Slamwich has crafted their own take on MySpace Era Style Deathcore bringing the same chaotic energy and vocal approach back to the metal scene. Influenced by both the instrumental and vocal style of old Thy Art is Murder as well as the technicality and melodic impact of The Faceless, Slamwich adds the beatdown aesthetic of modern slam into the mix. Brutal imagery filled with gore, meathooks, and butchery brings a visual to the sonic experience. Melodic and fast-paced riffs foreshadowing hard hitting breakdowns is the recipe for violence and Slamwich is the cook.

The Boston based five piece is Frankie Puleo (vocals), Andrea Jerez (guitar), Arnaud Hoennige (guitar), Tristan Wani (bass), and Riley Zadoorian (drums)

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