Bloodthirst Commands This Hellscape

Slamwich Blood Thirst Commands This Hellscape

Credit: Brian Robbins – Mixed and Mastered Eduardo Casella – Drum Recording Jacob Eby – Song Production/Guitar Engineering Aziz Blackstory and Keith Carlson – Artwork   Liquidizing the Asset Foreskin Fondant And Her Name Was Salmonella Michelin Star Murger Edible Arrangement Spotify Apple Bloodthirst Commands This Hellscape

Slamwich Interview with BTST Records 01/22/2024

Slamwich Interview with BTST Records 01:22:2024 Boston’s Slamwich vocalist Frankie Puleo and guitarist Andrea Jerez chat with Ryan Peter of Been There Scene That Records. Interview starts just after the 9min mark.

Edible Arrangement

slamwich editable arrangement cover

Edible Arrangement Mix/master: Brian RobbinsVocal recording: Asher Thomas Drum recording: Eduardo Casella Production/tone: Jacob EbyArt: Aziz Blackstory   Lyrics We must stop them before they continue to breed Indoctrinating more blank slates into their machineHive conforming cretin calls for unholy measuresServants of god to be repurposed and dismembered Mutilation awaits, a heavenless fate Picking apart a possessed […]

Slamwich – Devouring the Devout [Single] (2023) SW Exclusive Single: Devouring the DevoutReleased: August 20, 2023Genre: MySpace Deathcore Location: Boston Instagram: /slamw1ch/ Line-up: Andrea Jerez – Guitar Frankie Puleo – Vocals Riley Zadoorian – Drums Tristan Wani – Bass Arnaud Hoennige – Guitar Credits: Drake Plotkin – Vocal and Drum Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Jacob Eby – Guitar Tones Aziz Blackstory – Artwork

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