Edible Arrangement

Edible Arrangement

slamwich editable arrangement cover

Mix/master: Brian Robbins
Vocal recording: Asher Thomas 
Drum recording: Eduardo Casella 
Production/tone: Jacob Eby
Art: Aziz Blackstory



We must stop them before they continue to breed
Indoctrinating more blank slates into their machine
Hive conforming cretin calls for unholy measures
Servants of god to be repurposed and dismembered
Mutilation awaits, a heavenless fate
Picking apart a possessed disgrace
Chunks missing from your guts and your face
Bloodthirst commands this hellscape
Blegh (echoes)
A present from an enemy, not a peace offering
Comes with a picture of the source and the suffering
NSFW trypophobia triggering
Swiss cheese motha fucka with all that flesh missing
A cute flower shape with eye in the center
Carving out a chunk from your face I disfigured
Frozen in fear after abrupt separation from operator
Gaping hole in your face after sights been erased
Unfastening your jaw till it snaps out of place
Your insides coated in brainwash, I continue to explore
Sending a gift to your master, the god I abhor
Turning your slaves into a flesh bouquet
Sending the 12 to rot where they lay Flesh has been obtained


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